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lousily will refer you to google, forget it. there it is. we blurred it. when asked how it happened, he told reporters, quote, i wish i recall. i wish i recall how i got there but i don't. here's a hint. he did at mid that he had drunk between six and eight beers that night. six to eight beers, naked on the porch, photographed, no idea how he got. that is good enough for jersey city and he won the election and has been the naked mayor ever since. this year his re-election fight has been tough, so excruciating it caused him to remember new things he never remembered before about his naked night on the porch in 2004. in the last few days before the election, the naked mayor told a columnist that these newly remembered details, rather than not remembering how he got there. he says he was lured outside at 3:00 a.m. by three hispanic girls, young kids, he said. so i go out on the porch and they pulled the towel off of me. i am laughing and they started to do other stuff and i said i'm old enough to be your grandfather. it is filthy he says and i chased them off. he explained why he came out
media. we are the >>> go go google, it's one of the hottest blue chips of the year. should you own it? will it be the first tech company to hit $1,000 a share? >>> flying high. why airline stocks are taking off along with customer complaints. >>> and hitting the jackpot. powerball fever
. the nasdaq added 9 points. google shares soared on news it's launching a new streaming music service over $90,000 a share no. the u.s. budget deficit is declining faster than expected. the congressional budget office says the deficit is expected to shrink to $642 billion in the fiscal year ending september 30 down by more than $200 billion from the agency's estimate just three months ago. but not all is rosie. here's jill schlesinger, cbs news senior business analyst. so jill, why did the deficit projection narrow by so much? >> reporter: you know, after four years of trillion-plus dollar deficit, this year's drop is due to higher-than- expected tax receipts. now, remember, we had a big tax increase so a lot of taxpayers chose to pay taxes late in 2012 before rates went up in 2013. a little extra money for the government. okay. then we also had amazingly a $95 billion dividend payment from both fannie mae and freddie mac, so that was a good news factor. and then we also had the government spending less money $85 billion on the sequester. put it all together, we have better-than-expected news
not stand for it. if you want the other half, can you google it. >> i'm not going to comment. when you look at the jackson pollack, when he group, he was a naturalist, a realist. he knew how to draw. then he broke through. the reason i know that is my wife is an artist. she is a realist. they have to draw and he did pretty well for himself. >> my mom was an artist as well. i think art is in the eye of the beholder. >> of course. that's the way it will be. that's why those auctions went so well. seema moddy, thank you very much. >>> one of the successful new governors is about to join us. indiana's mike pence will tell us what he thinks about the irs scandal and the amount of taxes he repealed in his home state. next up governor mike pence is exhausting business. . [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank
to you. really inspirational both of you. >> can i just say, it's mery daniel. you can google it. >> exactly. we have it on the bottom of the screen there, too. so people can make note of that and go pop in and have a look. great to see you ladies. thanks so much. >> thank you. >>> don't miss anderson cooper special report back to boston, that is tonight. you'll hear incredible stories from some of the photographers who captured those iconic moments from last month's bombing. that's tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. >>> and tube, liquids and shackles. cnn gets a firsthand look at the drastic steps u.s. officials are taking to keep alive guantanamo detainees on hunger strike. most recommended by...andd my doctor. my gynecologist. my pharmacist. citracal. citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. doctors trust citracal. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> a story from the past. you may remember madeleine mccann, the british toddler who went missing while on vacation
politics, with trey radle? >> it got him a lot of google hits. >> exactly. >> posturing, depending on what type of hip hop they choose, if it's the tribe and the roots, i would think that's legitimate. because that's what my white people listen to. >> i would think there are people of many colors that list ton jay-z and wiz kalifa. i'll leave our audience with this. of the music industry backers, the democrats, which is a president obama has jay-z, bruce springsteen, beyonce, stevie wonder, katy perry. >> mitt romney had kid rock, meat loaf and ted nugent. >> thank you, sam, elizabeth, melissa and ben, that's all for now, i'll see you monday, noon eastern, live from washington, d.c. until then, you can follow us on twitter at "now" with alex. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. >>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" -- on the griddle. the fired irs chief in the hot seat. over his agency's targeting of conservative political groups. >>> as acting commissioner i wants to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >>> is a
your shelves, check the google l, check everywhere for this possibly porny and rare book. have you ever seen a copy of this book? can you identify the well-known connoisseur mentioned by the book seller? it isn't often the dictionary folks come asking us regular people for help. when they do, i feel like we should help if we can. obviously, we really need the help. if you know anything about this, if you have anything to offer, let us know. we'll pass it on. that's your weekend assignment. >>> we're going to see you again monday. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. >>> the outgoing irs commissioner in the hot seat before congress. this morning new reaction. two commuter trains going opposite directions just outside of new york collide at rush hour. >>> in office politics, i talk to richard engel about what was going through his mind when he was kidnapped in syria. >>> powerball mania reaching a fever pitch. the big clamor for the $600 million prize. have you got your tickets yet? good morning, everyone. welcome to weekends with alex witt. let's get to what's happening. >>> first in fr
it to something in the database. really good google, found extra fibers out here. >> a follow-up little bit from that, i hear you're reading and speaking the first chapter when i was waiting, my husband can't stand wildlife in crowded places. >> these in the continual. >> my daughter can't stand the feeling -- i can't stand being crowded in the back of an elevator. rihanna spectrum of the dozen different directions like this one has to do with -- >> it is a point, to see these trades, genetics is incredibly complicated. >> tiny variations in brain development, tons and tons of them. the mild forms are, quote, normal variations but half of people will not make eye level jobs. they are nonverbal, they have sensory problems so bad they have difficulty just doing daily living skills and they might do a simple job but unsupervised housing. this is the problem. you have severe autism and they have a child that is so severe they can't do normal activities. five or six years old we could do normal activities like have sunday dinner. we could go to a movie, or not have a temper tantrum or go shopping in
people like eric schmidt of google as a member of the council, craig at microsoft, the former president of yale is a member, shirley jackson, and it is just an incredible group of people. we advise the president of the united states on issues having to do with science and technology. >> are your parents alive? >> i wish they were. my mother actually died when i was 12. it was a very painful experience. in an odd way, it contributed to my becoming a scientist in order to escape the emotional pain of the separation. into a- i retreated world of fantasy, reading comic books. because of this attribute of my personality, i sustained the use of my imagination well into my teenage years and at the time, i noted a lot of my friends no longer used their imaginations but i did. it turns out that was very important. to be a theoretical physicist, you have to. i did the right thing. my dad, who was an incredible , he left a farm in alabama when he was 17 years old, joined the u.s. army. he lied about his age in the process. weighing 127 pounds. him after i found out his weight, i said, those two po
's the next facebook or google of the health insurance of business from the federal government stand point. it's murky. my point is all along, put exchanges in place from a government standpoint, that's all fine, but here's a private sector entity who wants to work with the public sector to get people coverage, especially low income coverage at no costs. why wouldn't we do that? melissa: it's free because you get revenue from insurance companies that sign up opposed to from the people that would be insure themselves. run through the criticisms to knock down. >> sure. kneel -- melissa: not everybody can afford a computer. >> they will have the same issue with government exchanges. people come to us, churches, community centers, schools, library, on and on, and, in fact, one of the important things that needs to happen here is we have to get young people covered because they are healthier and don't utilize to counterblansz people who are frot as healthy. young people use mobile devices. 0% -- 20% of people have hand held devices. melissa: what's obvious why they don't like the solution is @%caus
partial. help prote your naturaleeth. neil: a google rally and burger king all and a blitz you kugel ceo who is practically speechless larry page acknowledges vocal cd issu of makes it tough fo him to speak and if progress could leave it impossible for him to speak but if investors were worried they did not take it out of the go-go stocks soaring to a the all-time high. so are you worried? >> i would be worried if it was h mindut thankfully it is just his vocal cords we hope him the best f a full and speedy recovery and the mind is okay. what is kugel is the brightest minds in history and they are okay and that is why he stock is doing so well. id think this is long-term e. defect may be the unfortunate effect for him to step down look at intel has done quite well after management left the company. larry's coition should not bother investors and the stock goes higher from hear. >> when you run a business today i have employs all over the country i don't think i ever actually speak with them may be on a monthly basis. they're communicating by instant messengerr some time
androids, right? iphones is only happel hardware. google android is sort of on every type of hardware imaginable. so that is sort of open versus closed right there. melissa: which is better? >> ultimately open wins. technology industry has proven that time and time again. melissa: isn't closed more secure? isn't that one of the problems we're having right here? we were talking recently on the phone how android phones get hacked all the time and you can download apps that take over your phone and steal your contacts but it doesn't happen on apple. spencer, let me send this to you. maybe what you're really looking for here is security and maybe bloomberg doesn't offer that any longer. what do you think? >> bloomberg has a real problem here and if they're not careful it can really spiral out of control. goldman is kind of like maybe even a bigger vampire. the problem is because the last person you want seeing is goldman seeing all your trades because they have had a long history of being accused of trading against their clients. so you know i think what you have to look at maybe look at
the patented gene. also jumping jolie on google tuesday's hottest search with all the buzz women ask should i get that test. well, myriad says 35% of those who took their online cancer quiz should. >> if it looks like there's a lot of breast and ovarian cancer, particularly in young women in your family, seek the advice of a high risk clinic, inquire about the test of having a brac test done. >> 1% of women with breast cancer test positive and 30% who test positive get a mastectomy. now, myriad's education video emphasizes the test is not for everybody. it co.s costs over $3,000, but is covered by the affordable care act. myriad's patent keeps the price high. that will change though if the supreme court says no though to gene patents. options, regular mri screenings, another anti-cancer drug cuts risks up to a half and surgically removing ovaries since the gene can increase the risk up to 25 times. all this changes the scope of the conversation as nick kristof tweeted jolie is the gold standard for celebrity activism. she started a conversation that will save lives, which is why husband brad
, that's not a cell phone. if you can get wikipedia or go to google, that's not a cell phone. if you can watch u tune tube or net flicks. think about it. >> how excited are you to learn newt gingrich has a mcdonald's appear on his iphone? >> the first one he goes to. it's not a phone because i have a mcdonald's app. >> he goes on this is like a 3 and a half minute video. >> i am sure. who else is going to pay attention to him? it's so great. about his phone. he sounds like chuck grassley on twitter all the time complain can, the history channel doesn't show history any more. he sounds like newt. newt, i've got a phone but it's not really a phone because he has a mcdonald's appear on it. >> it's pretty tremendous. >> funny. >> 10 minutes past the hour. very excited to talk to garden and gun magazines editor-in-chief, dave debenedeto. we will talk to him in a few minutes but first. >> this is the full court press. >> a quick check of other headlines making news, prince harry was in colorado yesterday to cheer on the british team at the warrior games. >>
. solomon, there is a difference. but it is such a crazy difference. google it, it tells you the reasons. host: if you missed our guest earlier, you can find his appearance on our website, look for "washington journal" there. the "washington post" looks at why it believes that the syrian regime is gaining ground, why president assad -- things are going his way. liz reports that perhaps most significantly, the syrian government has recalibrated its approach to the war -- host: we will ask our next guest about that pair do we will be joined shortly by a guest who can give us some insight into the military issue happening in syria, the capabilities of the syrian regime and also of the rebel forces. aram nerguizian will be our guest from the center for strategic and international studies. let's go to georgia, an independent call. welcome. caller: thanks. nobody is really talking about this, but 200 u.s. troops will soon be arriving in jordan. this is from the jordan times on april 8 seen. -- april 8 teen. there is the drill. was on the show last week and did not seem to know
. analysts say so far so good. >> i've known marissa for a long time and i knew her at google. one thing she always did extremely well at google which she is doing at yahoo! too, is building teams and hiring people. >> the company still faces a lot of hurdles. i'll be back with a half-time report at noon. >> thank you, john. just to tie back to dan lobe. i was going to ask about sony. do you think lobe has a chance to mix things up here? >> well ordinarily i would have said no. as you pointed out with all the changes taking place right now in japanese government the effort to shift the bureaucracy, maybe some of the protection of japanese workers, there's more of a shot now given the drop in sony stock. the culture of protecting people very strong. not just sony. other companies too. >> thank you very much. see you soon >> coming up news maker of the hour. david tepper. where he is putting his money to work right now. [ male announcer ] with wells fargo advisors envision planning process it's easy to follow the progress you're making toward all your financial goa
turned up at the house g.o.p. meeting this morning wearing google glass and a couple of reporters got a photo. at $1500 a pair, the web connected glasses are still in beta testing mode. a new survey shows it is not the price that would steer people away from them but the awkwardness of wearing them. 45% said it is social awkwardness that's the main turnoff. someone wearing them would be seeking more information rather than social interaction. michele bachmann's case, we would say that would be seeking misinformation. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us. compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis my rheumatologist prescribed
. anyone has seen the youtube video of steve mahan, a blind man using google stoked i think our two governments daily air drum suburbs of morgan hill, california, to sell potential life-changing these technologies may be. the self driving cars offer a glimpse into the future. mr. chairman, be the next hearing on the subject should take place at a test track in west virginia or south dakota so we can more directly export to vehicle technology of google and others which undoubtedly will build upon today's discussion. i'm pleased we're joined today by nhtsa doug ridder mr. strickland. nhtsa must partner with industry to make the high-tech cars of the future a reality. in the nhtsa reauthorization passed last year as part of map-21 congress directed to establish a new cause for electronics and emerging technologies to improve the agency's expertise in the areas of being discussed at today's hearing. i'm particularly interested to learn more about nhtsa's plan for tackling its mission to ensure safety while also ensuring that innovation is not stifle. the potential benefits that these ad
is underway. around the same time, engineers at google developed an alternative way to predict the spread of the flu not just nationally, but down through regions in the united states. they used google searches. now, google handles more than three billion searches a day and saves them all. google took 50 million of the most common search terms that americans use and compared when and where these terms were searched for with flu data going back five years. the idea was to predict the spread of the flu through web searches alone. they struck gold. what you're looking at right now is a graph, and the graph is showing that after crunching through almost half a billion math mathematical models, google identified 45 search terms that predicted the spread of the flu with a high degree of accuracy. here you can see the official data of the cdc and alongside are google's predicted data from its search queries. but where the cdc has a two week reporting lag, google could spot the spread of the flu almost in realtime. strikingly, google's method does not involve distributing mouth swabs or contactin
for free. everything droid does in a compact design. or the droid razr hd by motorola in white, with google voice search that understands you the first time. just $49.99. hurry in, sale ends may 12th. powerful devices. powerful network. verizon. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ . >>> a message selfgratitude. today was the first time we heard from amand berry, gina dejesus -- a spokesman from the three read this statement on their behalf. >> thank you so much for everything you're doing. i am so happy to be home with my family. jena says, quote -- i'm so happy to be home. i want to thank everyone for all your prayers. i just want time now to be with my family. michelle knight says -- thank you to everyone for your support and good wishes. i alternate healthy, happy and safe. >> joining mess is ron allen, very closely following this story. ron, good day to you. how are people in the community showing support for these survivors? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of support, and the attorneys and representatives for the women sai
. i did a google chat with eight teachers from the inner stills. that technology wouldn't have been available to us 10, 20 years ago. nevertheless the technology you dreamt of the not available due to, i believe, education still not being the priority it needs to be in this country. >> over the next 10 years, the two things that i think will be great in education, one is to get a personnel system that really gives teachers feedback so we can improve the average quality and that actually is only about 3% of the payroll that needs to be invested. we need to do that well. other countries do that. the second dream for education is the use of technology and although we're at a fairly early stage, as you get rid of textbooks, as you get tablet p.c.-type devices. get the best teachers online and personalized learning, there's a lot shaping that and we need to make sure it works for low income, middle income and all times of students. there is a hope that during the next 15 years that education can improve a lot. you know, it's the greatest source of inequity in the country today and i thin
confess to having googled it and you can't get those picture'rs ou t. not something you want to do. i know there's 258 counts we're going to hear verdicts on but typically we would hear the big questions resolved up front. how will the procedure work when the verdict comes down? we don't have cameras in the courtroom. how is it going to work? >> reporter: from what we understand, the judge said when a verdict came, he would tell everyone in the courtroom they had to turn our electronics off. we think that's what's happened at this point if that verdict is in. there is a co-defendant, nine counts against her to be read. and the 258 counts against gosnell. the murder charges are the first of the charges against him on that jury sheet. if they go in order, those will be high up in the order of what's read. the problem is everybody's locked into that courtroom essentially. the judge said he would have two burly bailiffs guarding the door. now we wait until our producer can make it out. >> we'll see everybody rush out to get information to their reporters like shannon as soon as they are permit
of the big game. pledges came in from big- name bay area companies including apple, google and gap and ya hoo. the committee said 25 percent of the money will be done in to help those in poverty living in the bay area. >> will last a week away from this year's bay to breakers. the seven and a half mile race is one of the largest foot race is in the world. kron fours charles clifford drove the course yesterday and has a preview of the route. >> in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >> we are now just five days away for this year's bay to breakers caused by craig lists. you could watch it here on sundays starting at 8:00 in the morning. >> bay to breakers tapping on sunday. >> also, kron 4 starting a chance for you to win a free entry into the years bay to breakers. is a our web site. for details. >> we will take a quick break. a 451 . let us go outside for a look from our camera as he glanced at downtown san francisco. a mild start. typical weekly heading toward the end of the week. erica will have a look at forecast coming up. >>-test temperatures good morning and thanks fo
? would that be a flag? if one were to use the google and -- >> who's picture comes up. hey, look at that. >> stephanie: who could have seen that coming? >> sometimes guys -- >> stephanie: accidents happen. >> they get clumsy they accidentally stab themselves in the back nine or ten times. >> stephanie: that's not gasoline on my shirt what are you talking about? where is my insurance check? >> what gas fumes what are you talking about? >> stephanie: okay. bic lighter falls out of his pocket. senator susan collins who did not seem so huffy when the ncaa or green peace were being investigated. >> it's time for me to believe this was an idea that was hatched by just a couple of career employees of the irs. >> stephanie: i'm sorry, what is that darrell issa. [ explosion ] >> stephanie: oh look at that go off! yikes! >> where is my check! >> stephanie: wow, look at that woe ho! [ explosion ] [ laughter ] >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: sorry. we are -- for those of you who have just tuned in we're referring to allegations he might have burned down his own building and
polo match here in connecticut. >> google ceo has announced he suffers from vocal cord paralysis. speculation about larry page's health started after he missed the stockholder's meeting last year. page says his vocal cords have been giving him trouble for 14 years. the problem got worse in 2012. he says the condition has improved. problems with his voice do not affect his ability to do his job. >>> a blue canvas with a white stripe sold for more than $43 million last night. it's an important piece of modern art sold at a sotheby's auction. it was painted in 1953, part of a series of paintings with a similar design. the buyer's name has not yet been revealed. another painting from the series was sold last year for $22 million. and i just have to say, this is one of those where you say i could do that. >> your daughter grace could do that. >> that's right. >>> and this morning we want to answer a question that jimmy fallon asked on late night. >> did you see 60 minutes did a story on bill gates and they included a photo of gates from his childhood. >> he's come a long way from that
, google launched its own online music service. the stock finished above $900 a share for the first time ever. >>> home builder sentiment rose in may as home prices soared. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." breaking news tonight. the president plans to make a statement, a national statement on the irs scandal at the top of the hour. that's 6:00 eastern time. earlier this afternoon we learned a senior irs official has told congressional officials that two cincinnati employees in the irs have been, quote, disciplined, closed quote, for singling out tea party and conservative fwruative groups ar tax exemption. we don't know what the discipline entails. detailing findings of bad practices and bad management. some news here. the president called these issues intolerable and inexcusable. perhaps the most damning headline came from "usa today." i saw it. it popped out at me. look at it. there it is. irs gave a pass to liberals. that's the heart of why this story probably has legs and not yus on the right. quote, in the 27 m
-name customers like google and jetblue. >>> but right now, top of the hour, time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, as we just said we are flat-lined on the dow. >> right. at one point we were 15,302. so we surpassed all-time record down in history again, unless somebody surpasses that. -- composite is higher. also we're seeing the s&p 500 --. ashley: there you go. dipping in and out of nicole. sorry, nicole. tracy: just like the dow. dipping in and out of positive territory. ashley: said flat line and it went down. tracy: maybe i jinxed it. ashley: president obama, meantime wrapping up joint news conference at the white house with the turkish prime minister, where he talked about everything from the irs scandal to national security. so much to talk about. peter barnes joining us live from the white house with the latest. peter? >> that's right, ashley. on the irs scandal he said, quote, we are going to be able to fix it. he was asked specifically about whether or not there should be a special counsel appointed to inves
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reform. we all know that companies like ebay hot -- yahoo, google have benefited. we need to do more to keep these companies and american workers in this country. the american taxpayers have helped pay for innovators and would tell them they have to go back to their own countries. then they start up companies that compete against us. it will's boost demand for local goods. before we start voting, did you want to say anything? >> i will wait until the amendment. >> we have nominations, these have been put over as i understand. ow many do we have here? the nominations will be on thursday. ime flies. we have the senators with s. the senator has just come n. ok, we have enough to start ith. senator feinstein, i understand that you have amendments number 11, drones outside of border areas. >> thank you, mr. chairman. if members will recall, last week i offered a substitute amendment that would limit the use of drones to along the southern border itself and not the whole region within 100 miles of the border. the reason for that is that we have several million people within 100 miles of th
for google, right? >> reporter: it certainly was, natalie, on a day when the dow and s&p 500 hit yet new record highs again. google topped $900 a share for the first time ever. investors focus on retailers with j.c. penney and nordstrom due out with their profits from the prior quarter. and news on small suvs known as crossovers fareed poorly in a crash test. only the subaru forester was the only one of the vehicles tested to receive a good rating on a front-end crash test. natalie, back to you. >> mary thompson at the new york stock exchange, thank you. >>> well, two incredible videos caught on tape. first in philadelphia on wednesday afternoon. a stroller carrying a 14-month-old girl rolled away from the child's mother, tumbling five feet onto the elevated train tracks. the girl remained inside the toppled stroller, strapped in. her mother, as you see, jumped on to the tracks and staff halted an approaching train at a nearby station. the girl was treated at a local hospital and no charges are expected to be filed against that distracted mother. still very scary there. >>> and in rural
google yourself and start planning for social media. recruiters and hiring management are telling me they're not giving job offers based on what they're seeing on social media. >> do you know who has given a big time commencement address in the last week or so? >> me. i was out of state this weekend. it was really fun. >> congratulations to all of them. best of luck. >> 26 minutes after the hour. coming up on "early start" more of cnn's exclusive interview with ariel castro's brothers. why they say they feel like victims now, too. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. always go the extra mile.c. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected
a google search, breast after mastectomy and the computer could not compute what i was asking. because you don't have breasts anymore after a mastectomy, right? elizabeth, so it was really tough because i just wanted to know what's that process like? and you couldn't put those two together. >> that's interesting. >> you do have breasts after mastectomy. >> the tissue. >> right. you have reconstructed breasts. >> right. >> i was with a woman as she was coming out of the operating room after she had her reconstructive surgery and she talked about after she, you know, sort of came to, how glad she was that she'd done it and how relieved she felt that these breasts that had become cancerous were gone. and that she had reconstructed breasts. so i think it's so brave, zoraida, that you're talking about this. because so many women will have to go through this. making the decision once they've been diagnosed, which is your situation, or trying to make the decision if they carry the brca gene. if they carry the breast cancer gene. these are tough decisions in both cases. and it's so wonderful that
havehot -- yahoo, google benefited. we need to do more to keep these companies and american workers in this country. the american taxpayers have helped pay for innovators and would tell them they have to go .ack to their own countries [indiscernible] >> i will wait until the amendments,. >> we have nominations, the seven foot over, as i understand. ?> how many do we have here >> you are talking about this agenda here. time flies. we have the senators with us. the senator has just come in. ok, we have enough to start with. senator feinstein, i understand that you have amendments number 11, drones outside of border areas. >> thank you, mr. chairman. lastmbers will recall, week i offered a substitute amendment that would limit the use of drones to along the southern border itself and not the whole region within 100 miles of the border. the reason for that is that we have several million people within 100 miles of the border in cities in orange county, san diego county, reaching all the way up to long beach within that mileage. soon his record and mentioned he was concerned about becaus
before. they have that in the couch cushion. >> google should buy it. then they should be buying teslas. >> who is to say he doesn't want to stick around. >> this is for real. you know what i mean. if they get the -- how far does it go now? it's a maximum. >> 265 miles on a full charge. that's what you're looking with with the highest range battery. that's enough o. an extended trip. we did our trip between d.c. and boston. >> and we used you to fit into that car. you were comfortable, right? >> and you're tall, phil. >> i drove the little one. it is fast. the only thing is you can't hear it. it's weird. you drove the big one, and it was nice inside? >> absolutely. and it has the appointments you want in a luxury automobile. it is a car that's very comfortable. >> it's a annoying to me. china, you watch their growing pains in the car market. you think it's crap. and i saw tesla. they have all the machines. it is possible from scratch and make a high quality car. why did it take 20 years for g.m. to do that? >> isn't it great to see somebody reinvent a business that you thought could not
. >> let's talk about google, buying youtube seem to be a good move for them ther. >> the online advertising is going the way of youtube. they're going to do subscriptions, 99¢ a month for various channels. if you value the company when they bought them at soup, $3 billion they're doing $20 billion of advertising in the year 2020. they're well down now. i don't mind watching the little 10 to 15¢ an ads before the video pops up. a billion users per month. comcast would kill for those numbers. >> red asks what you think of the shares of sony? we have had a hedge fund guys try to break up the company. what you think of this? >> 100 billion and dollars of value in the last 10 years. a cautionary tale for apple, do not rest on your laurels. in the 1940's they invented the to but television and the sony walkman soon thereafter. a big investor daniel lopez says come an end break up the company. we can be a tv company because they see a lot of value in this. they missed the jump from 22 flat panel. samsung owns that market. >> sony, the electronics division seems to be a rack. >> it sh
played soccer. >> that's a low blow. could he be retiring? >> good thing for google, john. ladies love him. guys want to be him. david beckham is the perfect blend of celebrity and superstar athlete. the most significant british import to america since the beatle wil hang up his cleats. david beckham helped make soccer more relevant in the u.s. than it had been in decades. in 2007 he signed a $250 million contract playing stateside in los angeles. a champion in nearly every uniform he put on deck ham said he's accomplished his goals and will retire from soccer at the end of the season. >> it's every footballer's dream to go out on top. you know, on top form or winning a trophy. it doesn't happen that often. but i think i know when i'm ready. i think i'm ready. >> the knicks extended their season by one more game, facing a win or go home scenario. the nba's regular season leading scorer carmelo anthony with ten points. new york trails indiana 3-2 in the best of seven series. game six saturday in the hoosier state. >>> the warriors unable to keep the dream alive. they taught the kids fro
, teaming up with google to ensure a higher level of protection against theft. we'll talk to the co-founder and ceo straight ahead. all business purchases. so you can capture your receipts, and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. so you want to protect your place from burglars? buy a lock. buy a dog. mow the lawn. get a sign. hang curtains. plant something thorny. buy another lock. and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi! ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ >>> big news overnight. daniel loeb is calling on sony to spin off its entertainment division to an ipo. loeb writes third point would not have made this substantial investment if we did not believe in a bright future in sony's global brand, superior technology and dedicated employees. we are confident that by acting as partners, sony will grow together. third point owns 6.5% of sony. joining us on the phone from japan is dai wakabayashi from "the wall street journal." what exactly does
design. or the droid razr hd by motorola in white, with google voice search that understands you the first time. just $49.99. hurry in, sale ends may 12th. powerful devices. powerful network. verizon. >>> good xdmorning, everyone. today is sunday, may 12xdth. happy mother's day. i'm ail sin camerota. more questions on the missteps and mishandledings of the bin ghazi attack. who is to blame for the security. former congressman weighs in. >>> a high schooler takes the stand in defense of education. >> you want kids to come into your this is the future of this xd nation. >> it's gone viral. was he right to talk like this in class? >> we'll debate it. >>> get the kids up. get them awake right now. time to party. the wiggles are live on fox and frien friends. if you happen to be visiting new york, come see us. >> and just to see there is a wigg wiggle. >> the wiggles, one of the most popular bands in the world. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> "one hot momma." appreciate that. oh, the song. happy birthday. thank to trace adkins for the songs and the beautiful flowers adorning
with you, i googled it. for people who haven't, what is a transhumanist? >> the ethics and science of using things like biological and genetic engineering to transform our bodies and make us a more powerful species. >> reporter: brown says it is a controversial science he's been interested in for years. not shying away from further controversy, brown's villain also fears a growing world population. >> in the last 85 years, our population has tripled. we add 200,000 new people everyday. in this novel, the villain is concerned about this and he's also a dante fanatic. some of his visions of the future pair rallel dante's visi of hell. >> reporter: the author took many trips researching the book to florence and culture of secrets. >> we came up the stairs and can we get out this way. >> reporter: in one trip, brown slipped unnoticed into dante's church. legend has it beatrice is buried there, donte's muse and unrequited love. it is tradition to leave letters at her tomb, seeking help with romance. >> my unrequited love was really to write this novel. did write a note, singing the muse and tell
and the president promise to do veto that. >> gretchen: another record closing on wall street. google up to $115 a share. what's going on? charlie gas perino will join -- gas gasparino there. >> brian: fresh off a big win before global opportunities were part of their investment sttegy... to the schools that gave them scholarships... before they planned for their parents' future needs and their son's future... they chose a partner to help manage theirealth -- one whose insights, solutions, and approach have been relied on for over 200 years. th's the value of trusted connections. that's u.s. trust. >> steve: time for news by the numbers. $475 million. that's how high the powerball jackpot has soared now. no winners last night. the big drawing is saturday night. next, five. that's how many suv failed a brand-new crash test, except for this one. the 2014 subaru forester is the ohm one earn ago good rating by the insurance institute for highway safety. finally, 47. that's how many years young cindy crawford is. the super model stunning onlookerst night at the opening of the cannes film festival. he
, quote, kicked apple's butt, google maps. >> closing in, continues to involve apple. trying to like heck to make themselves ket competitive in that map space. >> i keep driving into lakes. >> who's missing? >> louis. >> phil griffin says he's the future of tv. >> maybe next year we'll keep our eye. >> i like that. >> "fast company's" 100 most creative business people, make sure you get it. >> bob safian, this is great. by the way, unlike those shameless hacks at "gq," i bet there are no pictures of kate upton in here. >> well, i'm not so sure. >> no, no. is there? nate silver. >> bob woodward is coming up straight ahead. more "morning joe" in just a moment. ♪ [ male announcer ] book ahead and save up to 20 percent at, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. doubletree by hilton. where the little things mean everything. doubletree by hilton. when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) desi
as a car that can drive itself. u.s. seeing the google video of the blind man navigating knows how potentially live changing these technologies may be. these offer a glimpse into the future. maybe our next hearing should track so wet a test can explore the technology which will build upon today's discussion. byare joined today stricklands. they must partner to make these and reality. they are improving the expertise in areas being discussed. i am interested to learn more about ntse's plan to ensure safety while ensuring that innovation is not stifled. the potential benefits are remarkable. they should enable the new information services and reduced insurance risk. theust grapple with technology landscape. tot changes are necessary ensure that awesome bill and manufacturers can safely adapt new technologies and bring them to market? the did the technology is currently presents other risks we should be aware of? how our product developers working to identify these risks to iengineer solutions stacks of the committee looks forward to hearing this. i want to thank you for you being her
to google and see what happens. >> seven games in 1912, pretty good. we have to come back next time and do the gold calculator. >> tweet us your stuff. >> tweet us your stuff. if you have a family heirloom you think may have hidden value, go to, send us a picture and we may feature it next time. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >>> coming up, kathie lee >>> good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. graffiti cleanup in the south bay could mean trouble for drivers. crews will be painting over a number of areas including in san jose along highway 101 at 13th street. they are going to be closing lanes for the cleanup which runs through wednesday. caltrans has already started notifying drivers about the closures which will go from 10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. the city of san jose caltrans and union pacific railroad will share the cost of the cleanup. >>> drivers can expect delays on the dumbarton bridge toll plazas workers install an automated toll collection system. a single lane will be closed from 9:30 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. the next day. that wil
google me under lieutenant you find something. i stick with sergeant because i have about 14 years on google for that. i spent about 28 years as a police officer for the city of san bernardino, california, about 80 miles outside los angeles. among other things i'm recognized as an expert on graffiti in california superior court. without reading all this i want to let you know that i am well rounded, i was supervisor of the unit to be supervisor of a multi agency dealing with it to being executive director for the entire state, california graffiti association of california. so i have a fair amount of background. i first became involved in graffiti back in 1991 when i was told in the gang unit that i was going to be a two-week assignment to deal with these guys called taggers. i continued until i retired so it was a long two weeks. a lot of times cities don't understand how deep the issue goes. i have had my card handed out, this is my phone number. i have absolutely no problem with people calling me any time to discuss graffiti issues, graffiti cases, any of that stuff, i am al
to the public. >> other types of gis are web based mapping systems. like google earth, yahoo maps. microsoft. those are examples of on line mapping systems that can be used to find businesses or get driving directions or check on traffic conditions. all digital maps. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what departments do. >> you imagine all the various elements of a city including parcels and the critical infrastructure where the storm drains are. the city access like the traffic lights and fire hydrants. anything you is represent in a geo graphic space with be stored for retrieval and analysis. >> the department of public works they maintain what goes on in the right-of-way, looking to dig up the streets to put in a pipe. with the permit. with mapping you click on the map, click on the street and up will come up the nchgz that will help them make a decision. currently available is sf parcel the assessor's application. you can go to the assessor's website and bring up a map of san francisco you can search by address and get information about any place in san fra
that. [inaudible] >> yes. i actually googled that the other day and one of my colleagues maybe can say why the names are spelled differently. i know that van roy who actually create d his own name. i think it was after a building. it was kind of a fabricated nome do plume if you will. but i don't know why they are spelled differently. jaca was the nephew. i don't know the answer. my colleagues are shaking their heads so that makes me feel better. >> the obscure a, it been a very popular question about all the lectures that i have given about this exhibition. the camera, is two different kind of ways of understanding the world around you using lenses so to translate what you are seeing onto a page that you are drawing from or on the a canvas that you are painting. we don't know for sure and this is coming verdict sher since it was shadow and optical effects, it almost goes without saying he was an aware of camera obscure abut whether or not he auto it, i'm not sure. the book, which is called secret not knowledge, in this book he postulates that many of the obscure a bare compositio
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